Will HTC Vigor Match Nexus Prime

October 07, 2011 / Sally Hunt, Home Devices Expert

The HTC Vigor is entering the arena to challenge the might of the Samsung Nexus Prime, to determine in affect which is the foremost Android phone. A Nexus Prime comes well equipped to give a highly impressive all-round performance. With 4G LTE and highly effective and efficient hardware, first impressions are that any product going against it is going to be hard-pressed to compete. So how much of a contest is it?

Will HTC Vigor Match Nexus Prime

A speculated standout feature offered by the HTC Vigor is that it will be supplied with Gingerbread, in comparison to the Android ‘’Ice Cream Sandwich’’ installed in the Nexus Prime. This being a benefit supported by Google could mean that the Nexus Prime will be in the lead regarding updates. Questions have been raised regarding whether the HTC Vigor will feature Android 4.0.

Fuelling speculation regarding the HTC Vigor, is the fact that it was placed in a negative position by one of the most comprehensively bugged phones ever produced; the Thunderbolt! Various summaries and reports have indicated that various issues surrounding the Thunderbolt have detracted from HTC phones. Of primary concern to users was the rate at which the various bugs were rectified by HTC and Verizon.

Putting all the various aspects of the two phones into the blender, particularly those performance related and user friendliness, it would initially appear that the Nexus Prime will leave the starting gate at a fair pace. However, consumers despite the high influence of marketing will have the final decision.

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