Warren Sapp's Luxurious Diggs for Sale After Long Career

October 10, 2012 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

The former professional football player, warren Sapp, played college ball and was defensive tackle in the NFL for thirteen years. He began playing with the Hurricanes, at University of Miami. He was an All-American who was drafted by Tampa Bay, where he spent nine seasons.

He holds awards and record sacks and other statistic firsts. He owned 215 pair of Air Jordon, some of which he sold on eBay. Facing a bankruptcy, his fabulous mansion in Lake Butler Sound, Windermere, Florida, a prestigious Lakefront area. There is excitement surrounding this real estate property coming up for sale.

Warren Sapp’s fantastic 10,000 square foot mansion has eight bathrooms. The sale is being offered as part of a bankruptcy agreement. Inside are a Muhammad Ali signed boxing glove, a rumored 215 pair of Air Jordan shoes and a lion skin rug.

The manse is described as Tuscan style. The two-story estate home has Lake Frontage in an exclusive gated community. His property has a dock, two boat lifts and lifts for two personal watercrafts. His swimming pool boasts a waterfall, and its own lazy river such as the ones found in waterparks. His lanai boasts a complete outdoor kitchen built using elegant rock and brickwork.

Sapp’s bankruptcy was filed in April. Now, a judge has relieved him of a large portion of the debt. He filed a chapter 7, which means no repayment to creditors is required. At the age of 39, he owed $6.7 million or more while his bank accounts held only $6.45 million. He is discharged from bankruptcy as of September 24.

However, the taxes he owes cannot be discharged. Child support and alimony are other debts that cannot be discharged through bankruptcy. His financial troubles are not over. His ownership of the elegant mansion with all its amenities is. He will have to get by, for a time, with two or three bathrooms in a much smaller domicile.

Where will his children stay when they visit? He has an ex-wife, their children plus four others by four other mothers. He owes each a large monthly payment. His obligations are gigantic. How he will meet them is anyone’s guess.

And what lucky, rich individual will be the new owner living in luxury in warren Sapp’s former home?

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