U.S Reserve Center Goes Green

January 21, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

A United States reserve center— Armed Forces Reserve Center located in Muskogee, Oklahoma was recent completed by a construction company. The Jacksonville-based Haskell Company has completed the construction on the reserve center, which will be designated as Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design— LEED Silver certification project by the Unites States Green Building Council or USGBC.

U.S Reserve Center Goes Green

The 97,000- square- feet $23 million reserve center have administrative areas, a drill floor, training areas, arms vaults, classrooms, and a kitchen— all of which are designed to house about 450 Army Reserve soldiers and National Guard members.

Built by Haskell’s team, the Armed Forces Reserve Center is designed to be indicative of the historical armory of the early 1800s, as well as the Oklahoma armory constructed in the 1930s.

The 7,500- square- feet drill hall, which has a barrel-vault roof and a 22-foot eave height, serves as the central point of the facility.

To meet LEED® Silver certification, the Haskell’s design team adjusted the facility’s windows on the and south and north sides of the building. The construction company also completed the reserve center’s fixtures, furniture and equipment.

The Haskell team make-use of the Revit technology, which is used to design the facility that allows clients to view a 3D demonstration of the completed plan of the project, as well as allowing the design team to categorize modification needs early.

The technology also allowed the design team to incorporate the electrical and mechanical aspects of the project.

Ribbon cutting ceremony for the reserve center will on February 4, 2011.

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