The San Francisco Housing Situation Not Helped by Short-Term Rentals

June 15, 2012 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

We all know the housing market is strongly affected by the large numbers of citizens who rent rather than become homeowners. Two apartment renters related a story of upstairs neighbors who said they were renting for just a few nights. The noise of their party was offensive and they refused to stop the party. Another couple says short term renters once tried to enter their home through the front door.

The San Francisco Housing Situation Not Helped by Short-Term Rentals

These short term renters apparently treat the properties as they would a motel or hotel room.  Their behavior is the result of renting the apartment out through Airbnb, which is a site that arranges short term stays in private houses or apartments.

They tried to lodge complaints but no one was at the phone number for days. When someone finally answered, he showed a total lack of concern. Not all such rentals are problematic, but many are. Private citizens renting out their homes like hotel rooms is a way to sublet and earn a little extra income. Some renters will rent a sofa in someone’s apartment for a short time.

Since a hotel asks a much higher rent for a night or a weekend, the rental of a home is more lucrative when let for a short time. In San Francisco, it has become an especially annoying problem.

There are numerous websites where sharing situations are being arranged. Authorities in San Francisco are planning legislation to combat the problems. Airbnb claims to have more than 1,500 hosts offering rentals in the city.

Although hosts are required to be code-compliant, there are no regulatory agencies to ensure they will be. There is supposed to be a hotel type tax on the rentals of 14 percent. No one can follow up on that at this time. Even well-meaning hosts may inflict noise and inconsideration on their neighbors.

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