The Most Active Real Estate Markets in the World

May 02, 2012 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

Real estate markets vary widely. Some states in the United States, for example, are doing better  than others as far as the real estate industry goes. There have been more foreclosures in two states, which are Florida and California. Some cities in these two states are still seeing activity and home values are increasing. There is a lot of activity in Miami, and the median price of a residential property is increasing. Properties there are drawing interest from overseas investors.

The Most Active Real Estate Markets in the World

There are ten real estate markets in the world that are considered the most active. Although the prices rose only 0.5 percent last year, there have been increases over the last five years. There are some real estate markets than have been most active. These have the highest average growth in the prices of homes sold in the last five years.

In all cases, except for China, the whole area of a country is taken into account. In China, only home prices in Shanghai and Beijing are included in the calculations.

One of these successful countries is Switzerland with a five year price growth of 27.5 percent. Property prices have risen as a result of the interest rates being kept very low.

Home values have been surging upwards in Malaysia. The government is thinking of taking steps to double the entry cost for non-citizens who want to purchase Malaysian property. Homes there went up by 6.6 percent. Residential properties are especially higher in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital city.

The property values have increased by 28.7 percent in both Norway and Switzerland. There are low interest rates and tax deductions to provide incentive for citizens to purchase homes there. Norwegian homes are reputed to be valued at 20 percent above their actual value.

Canada has enjoyed a good housing market and saw a five year price increase of 28.7 percent. Sales of existing homes there went up by 8.6 percent in February of 2012 as compared to February of 2011. There has been an increase in construction starts. In fact, Ontario has seen a 50 percent increase in urban starts. Vancouver is the most costly property market in Canada. It has been attracting many buyers from other countries. It is said that many investors from mainland China are buying up property. In Vancouver the average listing was $734.207 in December 2011.

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