Our Team

Property Magazine / pptymag.com – a young, agile and passionate team of professional journalists and property specialists and we love what we do.

Samantha Bartolata / Editor in Chief / editor@pptymag.com
Having a bachelor degree in Journalism, Samantha is our sanity checker. She senses where the news is and directs our staff there. And she has a team ready to go where she points them.

Elizabeth Buckley / Commercial Property Analyst / commercial@pptymag.com
Before Elizabeth joined our team she worked as a professional commercial real estate agent. Developers, constructors, hoteliers and warehouses are like babies for Elizabeth and she loves all of them.

Russell Legato / Residential Property Analyst / residential@pptymag.com
Russell, a former professional realtor, is one of those rare humans who knows what is the most appropriate situation to use “house”, not “home” and where “condominium” is over and “apartment” starts.

William Thomson / “Green” Expert / green@pptymag.com
William, an engineering student and adopter of everything green, is our future. He knows how to change our Planet for the better and shares his knowledge and observations with you.

Albert Hamon / Mergers and Acquisitions Reporter / ma@pptymag.com
Financial and consulting professional, Albert looks big, thinks big and monitors the market for everything big. $10 billion deals are “medium” for him.

Matt Frei / Advertizing Manager / ad@pptymag.com
The only person, who earns money here – Matt. We thank him for this as much as possible. And he looks really proud when he sells ad space on our web site.

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