Struggle for Justice – Condominium Development Near Riverbank

March 16, 2011 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

Two zoning applications for a condominium development are in question as residents in Cannondale, Fairfield County, Connecticut, filed for a public hearing concerning the project’s environmental impact. The public hearing, held recently, tackles the zoning requests for the 25-unit condominium, which will be built near the Norfolk River — a river in Southwestern part of Connecticut, about 23 miles long.

Struggle for Justice – Condominium Development Near Riverbank

In Canada, another group of residents filed for a petition to a condominium development along a ravine situated at the south end of the Niagara city. Residents voiced their comments regarding the social and environmental effects of the project that includes a four-storey residential building containing 44 apartment-units.

The zoning applicant, Marc Gueron, requested for amendments to the zoning regulations at the Cannon Crossing District to get the approvals needed for the condominium. Gueron proposed for amendments — additional criteria regarding buffers areas.

According to a resident in the area, the amendments asked by the applicant would basically give them the right to build the condominium at the banks of the Norfolk River.

Residents at Cannondale, according to a report, are “extremely concerned” about the possible environmental effects the condominium development will bring in the area, in the river, and the character of their town.

Recreational fishing is said to be a popular activity along the banks and course of the Norfolk River, besides the oystering (catching and shucking oysters) at the river’s mouth in Norwalk.

The two petition filed to deny the application by the residents enabled them to require a supermajority vote, before the zoning application will be passed. About 15 residents in the area strongly opposed the zoning application for the condominium project.

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