Residential Property in Manhattan Retired Due to Numerous Violations

February 21, 2011 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

Tenants of a rundown residential property in Upper Manhattan had no choice but to vacate it with only a few hours notice. Friday, the Department of Buildings has issued a partial vacate order to dozens of residents at Inwood Apartment Building, because of its rundown building, which may be dangerous to the people who continue to live in it.

Residential Property in Manhattan Retired Due to Numerous Violations

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, another apartment complex Skilight Towers has been found to in a dilapidated state, while city inspectors are finding more and more violations after their inspections. Major issues at Skilight Towers include crumbing floors and walls, exposed electrical wires, and many others dangerous for residents of the building.

According to its website, the department of Building issued the vacate order base on the building’s structural stability and egress issues, which means that the construction is sharing or vibrating that affects structure stability.

The 76-unit residential property is located at 552-556 Academy Street — about 30 of the 76 units needs to be evacuated.

DOB posted a sign on the door which said “failure to maintain” while sighting numerous building code violations.

Major defects on this residential property includes collapsing concrete, defective chimney, exposed electrical wiring, leaning parapets, sagging roofs and floors, and structural cracks within the entire construction.

According to a report, the Red Cross has set up a reception area at a nearby to school to accommodate the residents from the apartment building, and assess their housing needs. Red Cross spokesman said the residents will have a place to stay until the building is ready.

Ocelot Capital Group, the owner of the Inwood property, according to Manhattan’s Department of Housing, Preservation and Development has also failed to maintain several of its residential properties. The tenants petitioned for the city to help them with the building’s problem.

And in 2009, an independent administrators took over and initiated repairs on the residential building.

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