Launches Its New Application for Online Real Estate Listings

November 04, 2010 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

The number 1 homes for sale web site in the United States launches its Android mobile phone’s online real estate listings— The biggest and freshest online real estate listings and commercial real estate properties for sale and rent collection in the United States will be available for iPhone mobile phones. Launches Its New Application for Online Real Estate Listings

The new®’s Real Estate Search Android application is powered and launched today by the leader in online real estate, Move, Inc.

Real Estate Search Android application consist of online real estate listings that helps homebuyers and potential investors with easier, more organized, and faster search engine as they look for the best homes these days in the viable real estate market. Real Estate Search Android app offers feature-rich and highly popular search features, which is also the number 1 downloadable application for iPhone, and with a few extra features for the mobile phone users.

The few new features display online real estate listings fornearby commercial and residential properties on the mobile phone’s landing panel. It also have voice entry features that allows the user to store voice messages and notes, as well as the Google Street View features which allows the users to view a pictorial view of the property’s immediate vicinity.

As a result, the new online real estate listings’ application will allow users and potential buyers to obtain new and reliable information right away on an open house or property within 1 to 20 miles of their locality.

The application also allows the user to find the property using its GPS feature, and directly contact an agent to view the property that are on the online real estate listings.

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