Real Estate Investing Company Is Now Buying Houses from Duncanville and Dallas

October 08, 2010 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

Hurry House Buyers, a real estate investing company in Dallas Texas that specializes in locating distressed properties has announced that they are now buying properties (houses) at Dallas Fort-Worth Metroplex and Duncanville. The company is dedicated to the uppermost standards of real estate wholesaling for their investors.

Real Estate Investing Company Is Now Buying Houses from Duncanville and Dallas

The company focuses on properties or houses from usual home owners who want to sell their houses, even if it needs major or minor repairs.

Hurry House Buyers also buys properties from home owners who need to sell their houses even if their houses are under mortgage payment or facing foreclosure from banks.

In the existing recession or depressed real estate market, the company offers the best possible solution for home owners if they found themselves needing to sell their properties for emergency reasons.

Most home owners are not able to sell their properties because of high real estate fees connected with listing for a house sale. For this reason Hurry House Buyers does not charge real estate fees for their services and guarantees a no requirement offer within 48 hours.

This deal is also best for potential buyers or investors who are interested to buy properties from Hurry House Buyers. However, the company has needs them to sign a contract along with serious funds addressed to the particular title company within 24 hours of HURRY HOUSE BUYERS provides the contract.

Hurry House Buyers also provides potential buyers with as much basic informations for their houses such as estimated cost of repair, after-repair value, and etc.

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