Powerful Solar Systems to Power-Up 155 Homes

March 03, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

The company that owns and operates electric and gas transmission and distribution business — Public Service Electric and Gas Company, has recently installed solar systems at its Central Division Headquarters in Somerset, New Jersey. The solar systems consist of six large solar panels and were installed at the headquarters’ rooftop, which is under PSE&G Solar 4 All™, a company’s program.

Powerful Solar Systems to Power-Up 155 Homes

In 2009, the Public Service Electric and Gas Company received authorization from the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities to invest about $515 million in producing 80 megawatts of solar systems, which will create new green jobs and double the state’s solar capacity, according to company information.

According to PSE&G’s Vice President – Renewables and Energy Solutions, Al Matos, the solar systems installed at the company’s Central Division headquarters goes to show that PSE&G is an active participant in New Jersey solar development.

The company’s $515 million solar systems project is expected to be completed by the end quarter of 2013, and has added more than 35 megawatts of solar capacity in New Jersey.

The solar systems, composed of 4,180 cylindrical thin film and 648 traditional solar panels, are installed at the company’s headquarters, which covered about 101,000 square feet of the roof’s space, and are connected directly to the company’s electric grid for the benefit of its costumers. The solar panels can create enough renewable electricity that can provide power to approximately 155 average-size homes.

According to company information, benefits of the Solar 4 All program and for the installation of the solar systems include federal tax credit, energy sale, and electric ratepayers cost reduction.

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