Plantation Boasts First ‘Green’ Residential Home

March 29, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

Conceived for more than a year by a local architect in Plantation City, Florida, the first ever “green” residential home in the city has finally broken ground this month, setting a robust precedence for the expansion of green architecture across the state.

Plantation Boasts First ‘Green’ Residential Home

Attending the groundbreaking with the Plantation building community and local officials, Lisa Synalovski who designed the residential home described how the concept of green architecture evolved from commercial application to residential system. She emphasized the concept of green architecture as a significant development in the building community.

The first certified green residential home will eventually signal the beginning of eco-friendly architecture in South Florida, beyond government and commercial buildings. Of the more than 3,000 homes across Florida with certification from the Florida Green Building Coalition, only three are located in Broward County, and this one is the first in Plantation City.

Property Magazine notes the meager representation of green architecture in South Florida based on the records of green certifications issued so far by the Trifecta Construction Solutions.

Salient features of the residential home include an energy efficiency that’s 30 percent more than the required standard for green homes. Other distinct parts of the house include a boastful display of native plants in Florida, a concrete attic that’s insulated for cooling purposes, water fixtures, and building materials that release no harmful gas to the environment, among others.

With its above-standard energy efficiency, the residential home is expected to save approximately $1,000 in one year for a house of its size, or $100 a month. The same is expected of the water bill, owing to large savings in irrigation due to the presence of native plants.

Synalovski revealed the aim of the residential home to acquire a gold FGBC and a silver National Association of Home Builders certifications soon, competing with six others in Florida.

The residential home lies in a strategic location. It is center to many facilities in the city, with easy access to public transportation, and only a walking distance from amusement parks and government offices. Synalovski said various parties have been expressing interest to buy the residential home, though no buyer has been granted yet with the chance to own the house.

Currently, Plantation City already has a good example of green architecture, which includes the recreational trail and the butterfly garden near the historical museum, with the addition of the residential home.

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