Pharmaceutical Company Leased Commercial Facility from Biomed

February 04, 2011 / Elizabeth Buckley, Commercial Property Analyst

Bionovio Inc has recently signed a ten- year lease contract with a real estate investment trust company for its commercial facility at Hayward, a city located in the East Bay in Alameda County, California. The pharmaceutical company, Benovio, has leased BioMed Realty Trust’s Bridgeview Technology Park, a commercial facility at Hayward, and agreed to a 10- year leasing transaction.

Pharmaceutical Company Leased Commercial Facility from Biomed

The pharmaceutical company agreed to lease about 51,500 square feet of Biomed’s multi- tenant commercial facility— Bridgeview Technology Park, which is situated within San Francisco’s technology corridor, according to a press release.

Benovio focuses on the development and discovery of anti- caner drugs and women’s over- all health. The company is also the third leasing deal’s made by Biomed, according to a media statement, for its commercial facility over the last twelve months.

The three leasing transaction represents about 100,000 square feet of leased space at the commercial facility.

According to the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Biomed, Alan D. Gold, the company is pleased that Bionovio chose Bridgeview Technology Park to continue its mission of the defeating- life threatening cancer and improving women’s health.

Gold also welcomes the pharmaceutical company to its multi- tenant research campus in San Francisco’s bay area.

Biomed has also recently announced AstraZeneca’s subsidiary, MedImmune, for its expansion and renewal of its leasing contract.

The company, according to the release, its major tenants are primarily pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, government agencies, scientific research institutions, and other organization involving the science sector.

Location of its commercial facility and properties are in major cities like Boston, San Francisco, San Diego, Maryland, and others.

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