New York Launches Incentive Program for Energy-efficient Green Household

December 07, 2010 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

New York City is launching a new incentive program for an energy-efficient green household. The incentive program will offer thousands of dollars for newly constructed or newly renovated and substantial green household that uses at least 30 percent less energy than traditional homes.

New York Launches Incentive Program for Energy-efficient Green Household

The Green Residential Building Program for a single-family green household starts at $5,125 and about $13,375 for a building with 11 units.

According to the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, the incentive program can encourage on the certification of green household and construction across New York.

The incentive would cover green household that feature an energy efficient system like maximizing solar heat gain and minimizing heat loss, lowering lighting energy consumption by maximizing daylight usage, and making use of green construction products and techniques.

NYSERDA President and CEO, Francis J. Murray said the New York Green Residential Building Program will benefit numerous businesses and consumers who value the benefits of “going green”.

Murray also said the program can lead to the transformation of New York’s residential construction marketplace to a sustainable and green economy.

The Green Residential Building Program’s incentives will be offered for green buildings constructed from January 1, 2010 to October 31, 2011. It will be available for new and mixed-use residential buildings, renovated residential buildings, and modular homes within New York.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority is encouraging green and energy efficient homes through its ENERGY STAR Homes program since 2001.

An eligible green household will be determined by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED Silver level for homes program.

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