NASA’s Charging Stations Garner Highest ‘Green’ Status

May 02, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) now has ‘greenest’ charging stations in its base at Cape Canaveral, Florida that will offset its energy consumption for the entire facility.

NASA’s Charging Stations Garner Highest ‘Green’ Status

The announcement, which was made by NovaCharge, came shortly after NASA bared that it will unveil on spring its most advanced green building located south of San Francisco in Moffett Field, California. The $23 million Sustainability Base, nicknamed as NASA’s ‘latest mission on Earth’, is said to symbolize President Barack Obama’s federal drive for which an executive order was signed in October 2009.

The six ChargePoint networked electric vehicle (EV) charging stations were installed by NovaCharge and were manufactured by Coulomb Technologies.

NovaCharge provides charging infrastructure for plug-in Electric Vehicles (EVs) known as the ChargePoint Network while Coulomb Technologies specializes in electric vehicle charging systems and application services.

ChargePoint Network is equipped with vehicle-charging solution whose driver network is an open system that offers multiple web-based portals for hosts, fleet managers, drivers, and utilities that have charging capabilities ranging from 120 Volt to 240 Volt AC and up to 500 Volt DC.

Bruce Chesson of NASA said the browser-based management portal of the ChargePoint Network enables them to learn about the electricity usage of the charging stations, the savings in their greenhouse gas and gasoline, and the charging behavior of the EV.

The charging stations have been installed at NASA’s Propellants North Administrative and Maintenance Facility, which has achieved the Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED) Platinum status, the highest rating awarded by the US Green Building Council.

The Propellants North Administrative and Maintenance Facility includes two buildings. One is used to store cryogenic fuel transfer equipment while the other houses personnel who support fueling spacecraft.

Being NASA’s first facility that neutralizes carbon, the rebuilt buildings will offset the power requirements for operations by producing enough renewable energy on site.

Green features of the charging stations include rainwater harvesting system for non-potable water irrigation and restroom use. The facility’s roof also has more than 300 solar panels.

Additionally, the Propellants North facility includes other NASA Kennedy Space Center-specific details like the use of deconstructed windows and framing from the Launch Control Center and a set-up of landscaping mulch made of recycled crushed crawler way rocks.

“The use of green building technologies and electric vehicles are two key facets of America’s efforts to transform the nation’s economy and address environmental concerns,” said Helda Rodriguez, NovaCharge president.

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