Music School’s New Location

April 12, 2011 / Elizabeth Buckley, Commercial Property Analyst

The music school, The Collective School of Music, has recently moved in a new location — from its 541 Avenue of the Americas to 123 West 18th Street, New York. The music school has been in 541 Avenue for about 26 years, but the increasing number of the students made the move imperative for the school, according to the school director, Anthony Citrinite.

Music School’s New Location


In Dallas, another company, not a school, is also moving to anew location. The provider of offices, meeting rooms, virtual offices and network access — Corporate Office Centers is now moving to newly set office space in an office tower with LEED Gold in Uptown Dallas


In its new location, the music school would be further expanding its bass, guitar, keyboard and piano programs in a technologically advanced new location.


The school’s new 13,000 square foot space was remodeled for the last five months, which was designed and planned by Bromley Caldari Architects’ architect Jerry Caldari — with some inputs from a few of the music schools’ staffs.


On its 123 West 18th Street, the music school will have a new theater that seats 75 people, larger lounge space, a recording facility, and a multi-media library for its music students. It also has five new classrooms with rehearsal and showcase studios.


Before The Collective moved into the location, an extensive acoustic and soundproofing treatment is needed in all of the studios including vaulted ceilings, to not disturb the neighboring studios.


The music school is also located in the same building as Metropolitan Pavilion, one of New York City’s premiere special events locations, which can bring new traffic and excitement in the music school, according to the report.




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