Mortgage Rates Today: SunTrust Rates Holding Steady on Monday

October 10, 2011 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

SunTrust (NYSE:STI) looks to be beginning the week exactly as they left off, by offering a wide range of mortgage products that are in line with the incredibly low national average. While the all time lows seen last week may have come and passed, the deals being advertised today across the board are still some of the most valuable and attractive seen in decades.

Mortgage Rates Today: SunTrust Rates Holding Steady on Monday

For those looking to SunTrust to assist with the purchase of a new or used home, the standard 30 year fixed term deal for purchase is today being offered for 4.125% and an APR of 4.259%, while the alternative 15 year term is now at 3.500% and an APR of 3.711%.

30 year terms for Jumbo mortgages on the other hand are being offered for 4.990% and a resulting APR of 5.114%.

With regard to flexible terms, the Agency 7/1 ARM is today being made available with a starting rate of 3.125% and an APR of 2.768%, while the Agency 5/1 ARM is now at 2.875% and an APR figure of 2.570%.

Generally speaking, industry experts and observers are predicting a series of minor but steady rises over the next few days, though it has to be said that with such sluggish consumer interest in the housing market as a whole, slight fluctuations in either direction are likely to trigger nothing significant to say the very least.

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