More Than 10,000 Green Homes in the US?

April 06, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

In the United States, about 10,000 green homes are now recorded, according to the USGBC or U.S Green Building Council. The 10,000 green homes are said to be all LEED Certified — through the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Homes program, which is created by the USGBC. All LEED-certified or green homes are from the real estate residential market — multiple, single family homes, and to affordable and market-rate housing.

More Than 10,000 Green Homes in the US?

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design for Homes is a nationwide voluntary certification system that will promote the construction and design of efficient green homes, which use reduced amount of water and energy, and are built using lesser natural resources, create less construction waste; and promote the over-all health and comfortable for the residents.

There are about 10,161 green homes have certified and more than 38,000 additional units waiting to be certified, since its launch in 2008, the report states.

Market leaders across the country committing and aiming for LEED certifications and building multi-and-single family green homes include Dallas-based McGuyer Homebuilders, Inc, Habitat for Humanity affiliates all over the U.S, and Fore Property.

The 10,000th green home to achieve a LEED certification was the 91-unit development by Tacoma Housing Authority in Washington, which was designed 30 percent energy-efficient, compared to standard homes and was constructed within an affordable budget.

The USGBC through its LEED program contributed $554 billion to the country’s gross domestic product from 2009 until 2013.

According to the Vice President of Residential Market Development at the USGBC, reaching the milestone indicates the continuous change in the home building industry towards high-efficiency, and healthy green homes, which can save money for home owners.

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