Midtown Grants Incentives for Workers to Avail Residential Properties in the Area

January 25, 2011 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

Live Midtown, a housing program that grants financial incentives in Midtown Detroit, Michigan for working people who wants to move and buy residential properties in the area. The city’s three largest employers with some funds from various foundations and the state will put about $1.2 million for the housing program for employees who choose to rent or own residential properties in Detroit’s metropolitan area.

Midtown Grants Incentives for Workers to Avail Residential Properties in the Area

According to Eric Johnson who applied for the program, everyone he talked about Live Midtown could not believe it and thought it’s a great deal to avail.

Midtown’s residential properties are mostly situated in close proximity to Wayne State University’s campus, to dozens of bars, restaurants, sports stadiums and entertainment venues.

It is also near Mack Avenue to the south, by I-75 to the east, Philadelphia Street to the north, and Rosa Parks Boulevard to the west, with several of residential properties to choose from.

Residential properties to choose from includes carriage houses, new apartment buildings, century- old homes and loft conversions from historic commercial buildings— with rentals ranging from $475 to $1,400 a month.

For sale homes, condos, and lofts range from $99,000 to $500,000 and above.

According to Susan Mosey, the University Cultural Center Association’s president, which also administers the Live Midtown program, the goal of granting incentive is to increase home sales to generate more commercial and retail investments in the area.

Mosey expects about 500 applicants who want to avail for the program this year and move to various residential properties in Midtown— the program is created on similar housing program in Milwaukee and Philadelphia.

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