Luxury House Featured in a 1980’s Film, for Sale

January 10, 2011 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

A luxury house 370 Beech Street Highland Park, Illinois, which was featured in the iconic 1980s film, Ferris Bueller’s Day Of is up for sale for $1.65 million. The luxury house in Highland Park was recognized for its steel and glass building-design by notable architects David Haid and A. James Speyer in 1953.

Luxury House Featured in a 1980’s Film, for Sale

In the film, the 1953 luxury house was the family home of Cameron Frye, Bueller’s neurotic best friend, which has a breakdown when he found out that hundreds of miles have been added to the speedometer on his father’s Ferrari after returning it on the glass garage.

Ferris and Cameron then watch in terror as the Ferrari smashes and breaks through the glass garage in the luxury house and below.

The glass-wrapped luxury house in the film has a floor-to-ceiling window that overlooks the trees, three bathrooms, four bedrooms, plus a glass enclosed garage designed to showcase a collection of luxury and vintage cars.

In 2009, the house went out on the real estate market for an asking price of $2.3 million, but it was never sold and is now for sale for $1.65 million, way down the original price.

The 1986 film is an American teen coming-of-age comedy movie, which is written and directed by John Hughes, with Matthew Broderick as Ferris, Mia Sara, Alan Ruck as best friend Cameron, who decides to have a day of fun around Chicago after bunking off high school.

According to a public review, the luxury house is like a museum, it’s beautiful yet very cold.

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