Local Association Presents Program for Old Houses to Become Energy-saving Homes

February 21, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

A local association in Cincinnati, Ohio is helping owners of old and standard residential properties on how to transform them into energy-saving homes, which will help promote sustainability in the district and reduce the damages in the environment. The CPA or the Cincinnati Preservation Association has presented a program that helps so show homeowners to transform their existing home designs into energy-saving homes. The program is called “Go Green, Save Green”.

Local Association Presents Program for Old Houses to Become Energy-saving Homes

Recently, the Home and style publication, House & Home has also introduced a new series of program son how to integrate green features into existing-standard residential properties, and make it into energy-saving homes.

The publication releases guideline on how to save energy from flooring to paint, as well as how to use less water, energy, and natural resources.

The Cincinnati Preservation Association will be presenting how energy experts can save energy, water, and money outside and inside the residents’ homes, so that the homes can be called energy-saving homes.

CPA is a private, nonprofit, membership organization that serves the Greater Cincinnati community as the recognized resource and channel to help preserve the historical cultures in the area.

The organization helps preserved significant historic public art and monuments, architecturally important buildings, landscapes and sites in Greater Cincinnati.

Subject discussed at the gathering includes how to create houses into energy-saving homes by correct insulation and proper air sealing.

Those who attended the program presentation may also benefit form solar and geothermal discussions, green roofs, water efficiency, green products, as well as some tax incentives, loans, and grants if they opted to have the energy-saving homes.

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