LG Electronics Going Green with Home Appliances

May 05, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

LG Electronics in Qatar has stepped up its promotion for environment-friendly home appliances in a recent launch of its new products at Doha with a few world leaders.

LG Electronics Going Green with Home Appliances

The electronics company introduced its LG BIGIN washing machine that is capable of handling 11 kilograms of load, so far the world’s largest.

Environmentally-friendly home appliances and other products like air-conditioners and home entertainment are also the focus of LG Electronics in Indonesia whose market share rose to 31% in the first quarter of 2011, 1% higher than in last year’s the same period.

LG Electronics Indonesia president director Kim Weon Dae said the company would maintain its market share by offering products conducive to sustainability.

In Qatar, home appliances with a combination of effective performance, efficiency, and aesthetics have captured the market, noted LG Electronics Gulf FZE president HS Paik.

The launch of green home appliances, which was attended by Korean ambassador to Qatar, Chang See-Jeong and 200 other guests, featured the rest of LG Electronics’s smart products such as the Aqua air-purifier, used to clean bacteria and fungus in the air with “nano plasma ionization.”

LG Electronics also rolled out Pioneer refrigerator that helps to save energy by up to 45% over the other products while maintaining the same quality of output with regards to food preservation.

The launch featured other innovative green products including SolarDOM microwave oven, the Roboking vacuum cleaner and state-of-the-art gas cookers.

The home appliances have 10 years of guarantee for their direct drive motor and linear compressors.

Similarly, LG Electronics in Indonesia has recently launched home appliances that are capable of reducing electricity consumption by 41 percent.

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