LEED-certified Green Buildings to Power 103 Homes

April 12, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

Overland Avenue’s green buildings has been developed by the Lowe Enterprises to earn a gold LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, though only the first phase has been completed while the second phase is underway.

LEED-certified Green Buildings to Power 103 Homes

The green buildings situated in the 38-acre land area of Overland embraces the latest eco-friendly technologies and materials, construction techniques, and architecture. Each building has an area of 150,000 sq ft, only 54,000 sq ft smaller than the other office building in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida developed by the real estate firm Stiles.

The green building was the second to receive LEED certification in the place.

Being energy-efficient, the green buildings are expected to cut down the operational costs and minimize their environmental impact. Natural light entering the buildings are improved by their windows. Energy efficiency is maximized while heat gain is reduced through their glazing systems and roofing that is so designed for that purpose.

Compared with other green buildings complying with the requirements of the USGBC to attain LEED status, the green buildings use up energy at 28% less than the rest that satisfy the minimum performance standard.

Water consumption is also reduced to 40% through their efficient plumbing fixtures. And with the solar panels installed by the San Diego Gas & Electric, the green buildings can generate 627,216 kWh a year, enough to power up 103 homes in San Diego County.

Moreover, the presence of plants in their landscape so designed to require less watering will further reduce water consumption down to about 50%. The green buildings are made of about 90% debris.

Once their second phase is completed, the green buildings will have their second LEED certification since they would be occupying 900,000 sq ft land area which is a requirement of the USGBC.

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