Largest Wind Farm in Sweden Soon to Rise

May 16, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

Wind turbine manufacturer Nordex has closed a deal with Sweden to build the country’s would-be largest wind farm capable of supplying at least 150MW.

Largest Wind Farm in Sweden Soon to Rise

The German-based wind turbine maker will begin the onshore project, dubbed as “Blaiken”, on the summer of next year.

Meanwhile, the Norwegian group Fred Olsen Renewables has entered a joint venture with hygiene and paper company Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget (SCA) to build a wind farm on the Swedish company’s land in Västernorrland.

Fortum and the Swedish Skellefteå Kraft will purchase 60 wind turbines from Nordex for the wind project in Northern Sweden. The project is a joint venture of Fortum and Skellefteå Kraft, expected to have a maximum of 100 wind turbines in the wind farm with a total capacity of 250MW.

Overall investments for the wind farm is valued at EUR 400 million, 40% of which comes from Fortum while 60% comes from Skellefteå Kraft.

The N100/2500 machines are designed to withstand cold environment where formation of ice is a disadvantage.
With Nordex’ anti-icing system for rotor blades that is considered to be the key criterion for the order, the wind project was awarded to the company.

Its wind turbines are equipped with a warming system to stem the formation of ice on the robot blades, which would otherwise set back the wind farm’s production during cold season.

“Our new anti-icing system is the result of collaboration between different functions within our company, and we are pleased to now see the system put into commercial operation on one of the largest projects in Europe,” Lars Bondo Krogsgaard, Chief Sales Officer at Nordex SE, said.

Nordex first installed the N100/2500 wind turbines with anti-icing in “Jokkmokksliden” prior to the creation of Blaiken, and assessed the system based on three prototypes and one reference machine.

Construction of the wind project will come in successive phases, with the roads and other infrastructure in the plant area being slated to start this year. This will be followed by the construction of foundations for the wind turbines.

By 2012, Nordex will deliver the wind turbines. The wind farm is expected to produce an average of 700 gigawatt-hours ever year, equivalent to power usage of 150,000 households.

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