Larger Apartments for Rent in Madison

March 22, 2011 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

In Madison, Wisconsin, newly renovated apartments for rent will be previewed by the city leaders and the Community Development Authority. The city’s apartments for rent, which are located at Truax Park, are low-rent city housing development that are managed and owned by the Community Development Authority or CDC.

Larger Apartments for Rent in Madison

Inline with public housing renovation and maintenance, the Hawaii Public Housing Authority’s executive director, Denise Wise said the state administration already given the go signal for the agency’s maintenance and repair budget for a public housing in Iwilei. The public housing residents were not able to have any hot water for years due to maintenance problems.

The 147 low-rent apartments for rent that are owned and managed by the CDC in Madison, while 71 of the 147 apartment units at Truax Park — the first phase of the renovation project.

According to a report, renovation work of the apartments for rent includes new plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems, interior finishes, new roofing, and larger apartment units.

A current resident at the apartments for rent said that all the residents in the community are overwhelmed by renovation project made possible by the Community Development Authority, and the project is a nice change for the people living in it.

About 70 of the apartments for rent are currently being renovated — two-bedroom apartment home and five-bedroom home unit. According to a report, renting price at the community is very affordable — residents are said to pay 30 percent lower than the average and current market price.

Alderman Joe Clausius, according to the report said in a statement, the redevelopment of the worn out public housing — apartments for rent, is a “win-win” for the residents and the city.

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