iPhone 5 Release Date for Spring 2012 Plausible? IPad 3 Maybe

October 31, 2011 / Sally Hunt, Home Devices Expert

Naturally, the second the iPhone 4S found its way onto the shelves of retailers the world over, countless millions began once again focusing their attention on the fabled iPhone 5 release date, which at present remains the most elusive device in Smartphone history. So, for those who simply cannot wait patiently and must instead know every move of Apple as far in advance as possible, of which there are plenty of us, when exactly are we really likely to see the next iPhone in all its glory?

iPhone 5 Release Date for Spring 2012 Plausible? IPad 3 Maybe

Well, taking the assumption that the iPhone 5 was indeed originally destined for a 2011 launch and that the iPhone 4S is the stopgap some have labeled it as, then the iPhone 5 must in theory be all but ready for launch, barring one or two last minute hiccups. This would of course tie in perfectly with the rumors regarding Apple’s trouble of sourcing the technology required to shrink 4G LTE and NFC chips to the size required to fit in the iPhone 5 casing, which have been doing the rounds for quite some time now.

Unfortunately, depending on the way in which it is looked at of course, the iPhone 4S has been such an unexpected and indeed runaway success that the likelihood of Apple taking its limelight away in the near future is slim to none to say the least. As such, we can probably expect them to keep milking as many sales as possible from the latest model way past the Christmas and New Year buying frenzies, leading us back to the estimates (and probably accurate) Spring 2012 timeframe.

Either way, the smart money is on an iPad 3 release date coming long before the iPhone 5, so at least we will have something else to keep us all occupied in the meantime.

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