iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and IPad 3 – the Questions in Need of Answering

November 03, 2011 / Sally Hunt, Home Devices Expert

From recently released products to those currently only existing in the deepest corners of the rumor mill, ever single Apple product has its own plethora of questions waiting to be answered. Of course, there are some that inherently crop up much more than others, therefore with this in mind, the following is a brief look into three examples of those simply crying out for answers.

iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and IPad 3 – the Questions in Need of Answering

First and foremost, where is the iPhone 5? Well, the simple answer is that we really do have no answer…though it has to be said that the iPhone 4S has given us a fair few clues to say the least. There is simply no way on Earth that the improvements the iPhone 4S boasts took Apple 18 months to come up with, therefore it can be taken as almost certain that we have simply been thrown a proverbial bone until the iPhone 5 is perfected. As such, expect an iPhone 5 release date early next Spring.

Next, remaining with the iPhone 4S, what’s all this talk of a battery issue? To answer this, if we cast our minds back to last year, a so-called iPhone 4 antenna issue wreaked havoc with the opinions f millions for quite some time, even though the issue was found to be entirely unfounded. Once again, a disgruntled few have most likely set about a campaign of getting their voiced heard just for the sake of it and there is in fact no issue to speak of.

Finally, does an iPad 3 exist and if so, when will we see it? Again, the silence of Apple would have us believe that the iPad3 does not in fact exist yet, but considering the consensus that the iPad was always Steve Jobs’ baby, this is highly unlikely to say the least. As such, we can likely expect a truly biblical tablet PC in the pipeline that resets all standards as we know them and throws everything we think we know into question. Expect a revolution as early as March 2012.

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