IPad 3 Release Date in March to Offer Hands-Free Gesture Kinect-like Controls

October 29, 2011 / Sally Hunt, Home Devices Expert

A newly published patent application from Apple has suggested quite strongly that the upcoming iPad 3 will featured hands-free controls. The application, published officially by the US Patent and Trademark Office, offers a visual interpretation of the controls, which is dated back to November 2010.

IPad 3 Release Date in March to Offer Hands-Free Gesture Kinect-like Controls

Should this turn out to be the case, owners of the next generation of the incredibly popular iPad lineup may have the ability to control cursors, icons, text, audio, video and apps by way of various hand-signals. Such gestures will include those preset by Apple and include question marks and the like, while users will also be able to set up their own custom gestures.

However, the patent application does not make any mention of the rather impressive and hugely popular Siri voice control system used in the iPhone 4S, but the alternative hand gesture system would of course represent a hugely interesting step in a new direction.

According to the same well reputed source from the technology industry in Asia, Apple is well and truly rushing to bring the release date of the iPad 3 forward as early as possible, which is now rumored to take place in March 2012. However, with other sources claiming that the manufacturer is having massive difficulties in sourcing the number of impressively upgraded screens required for the launch, nothing has been accepted as a certainty yet.

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