International Dream Locations Focus on Tropics in Winter

September 21, 2012 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

Many people love to daydream about visiting a balmy tropical island, especially when they live in a cold climate. But, taking dreams one step further imagine dreaming about owning International real estate in the tropics. It warms the thoughts in the midst of a blizzard.

International Dream Locations Focus on Tropics in Winter

Those who have traveled to Jamaica, or toured Hawaii know exactly how lovely it would be to own a luxurious getaway in a tropical climate. It may be a beach home with sand and ocean spread out in front of the patio. It could be nestled in the hills just above the sand and surf. It could have a year round outdoor pool or a fountain in a lush garden.

Open your senses to the sight, sound and scent of a tropical home on the South Caribbean coast in Costa Rica. Hear soft Calypso music gently surrounding you and note the scent of coconuts in the air. The ocean is so close you can almost feel the warm water against your skin. Attend the Afro-Caribbean carnival in Limon that takes place each October.

If you long for a home of your own in a land where summer is never-ending, a website, Realtor.comInternational features listings of elegant homes a stone’s throw from the ocean. One such property is situated near the top of Cape Panway in Thailand. The expansive deck overlooks the ocean and your own outdoor shower and infinity pool.

The privacy of a gated community shields a New Zealand property listed in Auckland. The luxury of an indoor/outdoor pool is serviced by motorized glass doors to close if the temperature dips below 70. The sea can be viewed from nearly all rooms within this spacious home.

Share vacations with your extended family in a large estate in the Bahamas. This residence has interior space of 13,600 square feet including a media room and custom artwork. The exterior is surrounded by 1.72 acres of beach front property with stunning ocean views.

If your dreams include escaping to a land of palm trees or orchids, sun and waves for surfing or lying back with a Margarita in hand, scan some of the most elegant beachfront homes in Hawaii and the Greek Islands. Spend a month in the interior of your own home offering every luxury inside and with every tropical experience waiting outside your doors.

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