Improvements in Homes Are the Alternative to Selling for Home Owners

June 05, 2012 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

Home owners, who are having a difficult time trying to sell a home, are resorting to improving the home and remaining in it instead of moving to a new home. The housing market that is still slow is having an effect on current owners.

Improvements in Homes Are the Alternative to Selling for Home Owners

One landscaper designer, based in Dallas is having a busier than usual summer season since more families are investing money and improving their properties. They are waiting out the slump and expecting the market to recover as indicated in many areas. When the time comes that prices go up, they will have a more desirable home with aesthetics that appeal to buyers. It is called “curb appeal” in the real estate industry.

One couple invested in their backyard. For themselves, they wanted a place to entertain. Informal barbeques and a Fourth of July celebration could be hosted in the upgraded yard. It was not a radical plan and all trees were to remain intact. Mature trees are considered an asset unless positioned too close to the home.

It was to be an outdoor living room, with an attractive patio surrounded by rose bushes and large planters. New patio furniture was purchased. After careful consideration of the extra cost, one of the popular new fire pits was installed to match the patio. It’s a cozy way for family and friends to gather around the fire and perhaps roast marshmallows with the kids.

One other home owner put in an outdoor sound system and a hidden TV protected by boards when not in use. They added a deck where they could sit and view the backyard creek that ran through their property.

Future home owners would find either of these home improvements a wonderful asset in making the home more saleable. In Dallas, an outdoor rec room and a deck can be used for most of the year. These are both major improvements future home owners will enjoy as well as the family living there until the housing market improves.

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