Ideal Property for Clients by Tampa Commercial Real Estate Firm

May 03, 2012 / Elizabeth Buckley, Commercial Property Analyst

Commercial real estate must be carefully matched to the business and office needs of each client. The potential buyer or company wanting to lease a property needs more than just the exact size requirements met. It is important that it have the kind of building needed. A company may need a combination of industrial or retail space plus office space. The broker, Steven Silverman of Tampa Commercial Real Estate, recently located a suitable building for Freedom Scientific. They required a building that would serve office needs as well as warehouse needs.

Ideal Property for Clients by Tampa Commercial Real Estate Firm

Location is always a crucial point with any business property. In this case the building is near the Tampa International Airport. It is also in close proximity with Freedom’s previous location. The company needed to have more space due to fast growth rates. Finally, they had to escape insufficient space at the previous property.

Freedom Scientific has special needs in the area of access. They develop products that are highly specialized. Many of the employees are handicapped and require flat level parking lots for one thing. Stairway and elevator accessibility was another concern. Finally, they had to provide a fast escape route in case of hurricane weather, which is prevalent in Tampa.

Tampa Commercial Real Estate was employed to find the suitable location. They developed maps to analyze access to evacuation routes in case of impending hurricanes. Plans to take flooding into account were also developed. Then the search began in earnest. Four possible locations were identified and shown to the Freedom executives.

They are now happily ensconced in their new space and everything fits their exact needs. Although their new property is next to a flood plain, it is far enough outside of it to be a feasible location. The hurricane evacuation routes are also accessible. The innovative software technology allowed Tampa Commercial to find and provide the new home for Freedom, which makes important products to serve the disabled.

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