Green Homes Made from Trash in Huntsville

January 17, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

A home builder in Texas, Dan Philips is transforming trash into artful green homes. In today’s economy and environment, a growing number sustainable green homes are getting built across United States, that is why Philips decided to make-use of recyclable stuff to create green homes. Philips transforms recyclable “trash” into artful designed homes— creating elaborate floor mosaics with bits and pieces of wood, roofs from license plates, and kitchen counter tops from off-white- colored bones.

Green Homes Made from Trash in Huntsville

The unique houses constructed by Philips are almost entirely made up of materials that, if not used by him, might have ended up inside a garbage dump site.

According to Philips, people have been creating homes for hundred of thousands of years by using whatever materials available in their surroundings, just to build shelter.

He also said that building “recycled homes” is about finding the right materials to use.

Philips founded a home building company that is building low-cost homes out of reclaimed materials— Phoenix Commotion. He founded the company 12 years back with the goal of building new models for affordable and sustainable green homes.

The 13 green homes he has designed so far would fit in an art museum far better than Huntsville residential streets, a conservative city in and the county seat of Walker County, Texas, with a of population 35,000 people.

According to, Eddie Wells, who leased a room in the Bone House said that living in it is a bit similar to living in a street side attraction.

And, for as low as $10,000, Philips’ company builds affordable green homes for artists, single parents, and low-income families.

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