Has Google Missed a Big Opportunity?

November 21, 2011 / Samantha Bartolata, Editor in Chief

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Has Google Missed a Big Opportunity?

Music analysts and executives are lamenting on how Google have somehow missed the proverbial boat. The launch of its new music download service has been received with something akin to disappointment.  Great expectations always precede the debuts of any new product from Google and this simple “download store” has not reportedly captured the imagination!

On perception is that a music service could be incorporated into Android mobile handsets, similar to that of Apple. This apparent overlooked opportunity to launch a digital music service would have enhanced the Google search engine dominance.

Music is recognized as a key factor in the competition between Google, Apple and Facebook, all fighting to retain their user base. Google has an uphill task to make inroads into the Apple market share, despite their highly impressive financial influence. Any added penetration related to the mobile market, would therefore have given extra impetuous to its ambitions in this direction.

Google has various links with Universal Music, EMI and the Sony music label, but they have yet to negotiate an agreement with Warner. The launch of their “download store” denied them the opportunity to establish links with many existing mobile partners and Android applications developers. Adding to this is the possibility that many mobile handset manufacturers will see them as completion and react accordingly.

Another perceived negative factor relating to the Google Music launch, was that it did not help the process during negotiations, due to changing plans for the service. This created a situation whereby the various involved labels, were called on, to re-negotiate on more than one occasion.

However, reports show that Google Music, despite its missed opportunities, is offering exclusive music from groups such as The Rolling Stones, Pearl Jam, and Cold Play. This should please many of its supporters and could bode well for the future.  

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