Habitat for Humanity in Dallas Built Energy-efficient Homes with DSSI

January 04, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

The DSSI or Dallas Sustainable Skylines Initiative and the DAHFH or Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity has been recognized by the EPA or United States Environmental Protection Agency for constructing energy-efficient homes. The two organizations set up innovative ways in providing quality housing with the use of the standard construction plan while running under a tight fund for the energy-efficient homes.

Habitat for Humanity in Dallas Built Energy-efficient Homes with DSSI

Dallas Sustainable Skylines Initiative paid for the 40 energy-efficient homes’ sustainable upgrades.

DSSI partners with TexEnergy Solutions, Energy Systems Laboratory and Texas A&M University conducted a research to measure the cost-effectiveness and energy savings the efficiency improvements would be providing the energy-efficient homes built by and Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity.

Result shows that families who will be living in a 3 bedroom homes will be using 10% to 12% less energy, and about 21% to 22% less energy consumption for 2 bedroom homes compared to the city’s standard building code.

The energy-efficient homes, located at Frazier Courtyard in Dallas, Texas, are said to be part of the Affordable Green Homes Initiative, which is created by DSSI in 2008, and is amongst the first homes built by Habitat For Humanity in the U.S. with LEED Silver certifications.

Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity have been a recipient of the 1st ever Center for Nonprofit Management Excellence award—the Environmental Practices Award in November 2009. The organization was also recognized by the EPA in 2006 and 2007 with an ENERGY STAR for Homes Outstanding Achievement Award.

Aside from the 40 energy-efficient homes in Frazier Courtyard, Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity is also currently building homes at Cedar Creek Ranch and in Joppa, and West Dallas.

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