Greenfab Builds Prefab Home in Seattle

December 01, 2010 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

Greenfab, a real estate development group that builds sustainable, modern and modular buildings assembles a prefab home in Seattle. The prefab home will be the company’s first attempt to build a LEED certified modular home, and if approved, the prefab demonstration home will be Seattle’s first certification for an LEED Platinum.

Greenfab Builds Prefab Home in Seattle

Six boxes full of the prefab home’s parts will be transported from Idaho, which measures about 12 inches wide, 20 inches long, and 16 inches high, and it will be installed one by one by a crane in to the home’s foundation.

Parts inside the boxes will be forming Greenfab’s prefab demonstration home.

The 1,790 square feet single-family prefab home will feature three bedrooms and 2.75 bathrooms. It is an innovation of Greenfab, a Seattle-based company that provides well-designed, sustainable homes and communities.

Greenfab’s prefab demo home is being built to achieve Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum Certificate for Homes, Energy Star certification, and Built Green 5-Star+ standards.

The company is also targeting to provide environment friendly homes and net-zero energy at an affordable and lower price. Greenfab is also aiming to meet the 2030 Challenge’s objectives.

2030 Challenge is an initiative by Architecture 2030 and Edward Mazria asking the construction community and global architecture to adopt a chain of green house reduction objectives for both renovated and new buildings.

A prefab home is a house manufactured or built off-site in advance. Standard sections of a prefab home can be easily assembled and shipped.

Current and modern prefab home designs have futurist or postmodernism architectural plan.

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