Green Jobs Rose in 2008—from a Recent Survey

January 20, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

The state of California kept adding green jobs for 2008 even as it’s overall economy declined considerable, said an annual review released Tuesday. According to the survey by Next 10, about 174,000 California citizens started working in environmentally- friendly fields during the early months of 2009, with almost a quarter of the jobs were based in Los Angeles.

Green Jobs Rose in 2008—from a Recent Survey

Employers offering jobs in sectors like the electric-vehicle development, solar-power generation, and environmental consultation— about 5,000 green jobs in 2008, according the newest data available.

About 174,000 Californians in general were having green jobs and in working environmental- friendly fields by 2009, compared to only 111,000 green jobs in 1995, said nonprofit research group Next 10.

The study, which gathered data from private and government reports, was made-public late Tuesday.

According to Next 10 founder, F. Noel Perry, there are only few business industries that can employ and take up people in every region, particularly in a state as immense as California.

The green economy emerges and takes its roots not just in the California’s major cities, but to its rural districts as well.

The Bay Area increase the most, with about 8 percent increase in 2008. The region now corresponds to 28 percent of green jobs and about 26 percent of businesses offering the positions.

San Diego also had a 7 percent increase as the neighboring energy generation industry— primarily wind and solar companies— increase its job hiring by 39 percent in 2008 compared to 2007.

But the hiring for green jobs is currently down in the Los Angeles district and in the Inland Empire, where the outcome of the economic recession on the construction industry dropped into energy-efficiency retrofitting businesses.

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