Green Energy Deal Involving E-Cat to Target Americas

May 27, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

An American company tied with the US defense and energy departments has struck a green energy deal with Energy Catalyzer (E-Cat) inventor Andrea Rossi to put his invention to the Americas market.

Green Energy Deal Involving E-Cat to Target Americas

The green energy device has previously attracted clients, including the Defkalion Green Technologies based in Greece that has already been distributing the E-Cat all throughout the world except the Americas.

Defkalion shows interest to market the E-Cat in Europe and in the Americas. The deal calls for delivery of a one megawatt heating plant that consists of 300 reactors of 4 kW connected in series and parallel. The plant will be inaugurated in October 2011 and would supply heating for Defkalion’s own uses only.

US-based Ampenergo, on the other hand, announced that it has recently closed a deal with Leonardo Corporation, Rossi’s company, to acquire rights to manufacture and market the E-Cat in North and South America. The price remains undisclosed however.

Rossi will receive royalties on sales of licenses and products built on E-Cat.

E-Cat produces large quantities of cheap, safe, clean energy and copper using small amounts of nickel and hydrogen. Described as Low-Energy Nuclear Reaction, the process uses no radioactive material and yields no nuclear waste.

In a demonstration held at Bologna, Italy on January 14, 2011 and monitored by academics from Bologna University, E-Cat was able to produce approximately 10 kilowatts of net power after having been “loaded with one gram of nickel powder pressurized with hydrogen” according to Ny Teknik, a Swedish technology magazine.

Craig Cassarino of Ampenergo told NyTeknik that his company is “impressed” with the green energy device.

Bologna University physicist Giuseppe Levi said in an interview with the magazine: “If you search the literature you’ll find serious scientists…describing that they managed to produce 50 watts in an experiment one day, failed to repeat it the next day and the third day it was 30 watts. These are things that are difficult to repeat and hard to understand.”

Ampenergo is also in talks with several companies in North and South America, though some of which express doubts to the practicability of the technology.

One of the companies that believes in the device is considering to put the technology into fuel applications for its supposed high power density.

According to Rossi, to power a unit for six months after a recharge would cost only $100, which would cost thousands of dollars to produce the same capacity using energy from oil.

Space travel, Rossi said, is also one potential application of the green energy technology.

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37 Responses to “Green Energy Deal Involving E-Cat to Target Americas”

  1. Brad Arnold says:

    Using nickel and hydrogen (plus an undisclosed catalyst), heated to 500F at 16 bars of pressure will yield copper and lots of extra heat. This technology has been compared to man discovering fire. Energy for less than one cent per kilowatt hour (the nears competitor is coal which cost around 5 cents per kilowatt hour)! Nickle is 3% of the mass of the Earth, and our globe is 70% covered with H20, a ready source of hydrogen.

    Very very inexpensive desalination (no more water shortages), very cheap heating and cooling of buildings, low cost transportation costs, and the best is the huge amount of energy necessary to power mankind up and out of the Earth’s gravity well is now available (cleanly). This is a real game changer.

    By the way, what happens to the 100 trillion dollars in worldwide energy infrastructure, once the E-Cat makes it obsolete? I wouldn’t want to own a coal plant right about now…can you say highly disruptive energy technology?

    • BK says:

      Everyone makes this argument, but the coal/oil/nuclear industry will adapt, or do whatever. The world changes, and they’ve made a lot of money already. They can get in the business of undoing the harm their industries have caused on the environments thus far (reforestation projects, freshwater cleanup projects, etc)and invest in these new technologies early. If they are good business people, they already know this. Industrial age has lasted a century now. Common sense dictates that the future must be different to be sustainable, and change is an inevitable force. These are exciting times and should be embraced as such. Fear is the mind killer!

      • Brad Arnold says:

        When the markets get wind of this (maybe a hundred trillion in assets becoming obsolete), there will be panic. It hasn’t sunk in yet.

  2. Michael says:

    Rossi has not distributed any functioning units to the public. Only a few reports of private showings of the device so far.

    Looks good in print. Let’s hope Rossi is not full of sh*t.

    • Brad Arnold says:

      “Only a few reports of private showings of the device so far.”

      Wrong. The first I heard of it, Rossi held a news conference in Italian a few months back. His device has received much more scrutiny than you state. Your characterization is typical of the level of denial that I’ve encountered trying to spread the word.

      Try this, it is a clearing house of articles. Even if people do accept the reality of the Rossi E-Cat, they still completely underestimate the importance of being able to take Ni and H, heat under pressure, and get Cu and a lot of extra heat. Wow. To the moon and beyond!!

      • Michael says:

        To Brad Arnold

        “The green energy device has previously attracted clients, including the Defkalion Green Technologies based in Greece that has already been distributing the E-Cat all throughout the world except the Americas.”

        Not true. As I said, there have been no units delivered to the public anywhere. Get your facts straight if you want anyone to listen to what you have to say. As a concerned scientist, I also have been following the Rossi story for months now. It seems like his E-Cat works as stated if we can trust those who have had a chance to check it out. If so, then great! We can all demand Cold Fusion Now! If not, still an interesting story and a well crafted fraud.

        Time will tell all soon.

        • Brad Arnold says:

          I never said the devices have been already distributed to the public. What I said was there were ample both public and private demonstrations that live virtually no doubt that it is legitimate. Frankly, I’m getting a lot of this: people are going out of their way to exhibit “magical thinking” to distort the livelihood that the Rossi E-Cat is delivering so much more energy over unity.

          How can you explain the large size of the extra energy? It has been measured for continuous burn, and even the head of the Skeptic’s Society admits that it is too much to explain by a chemical reaction. Really, it is a no-brainer unless you have a normalcy bias.

          • Michael says:

            The article’s false statements are what concerns me. Does not lend to credibility.

            As to Rossi’s device. Like I said. It seems to work!

            Now it will be up to everyone to make sure it does not get shelved like so many other good inventions. If true, this can be a major game changer for everyone on the planet if we play our cards right. The big oil, coal and fission dudes will figure out a way to make money on this, no doubt. But there should be plenty to go around.

            My hope is that this may allow us to focus on cleaning up the messes made by oil, coal, and nuclear energy production. Put the new found “almost unlimited” energy source to work rebuilding our infrastructures, schools, hospitals, parks, and soils. Get corporate farming away from petrol chemical technology and focus on organic, sustainable methods.

            Bring our military home and restructure their institutions to become part of the solution and transformation. Focus on research and development of this new, “clean energy” that we hope to see soon. The possibilities are unlimited. Spread the word and hope for the best.

    • BK says:

      Why would someone with such technology, “give it out to the public” ??? So someone can break it open and steal the idea? Do you know the history of the patents for this thing? Look it up, it’s out there (google it). Not a very intelligent comment, in fact, quite sh*tty.

      • Brad Arnold says:

        Rossi has a factory in Florida that is expecting to produce 300,000 units next year. He is hooking over 300 of them together (2x2x3 meter, weighing about 2 tons) for a power plant in Greece that will open in October. Rossi has a patent granted in Italy, but he does have patent concerns, still he decided to go forward to production regardless.

    • PEC says:

      You mean full of it like when he said he could turn industrial waste into oil? Or when he said he could build a thermoelectric device with 20% efficiency?

      • BK says:

        Oh yeah, you mean “trash technologies” such as this?
        “Converting Garbage into Fuel

        Waste Management, a large waste company, gives technology for gasifying trash a boost.”

        Yeah, who would even “think” such a thing could be even possible? Obviously not you and your supposed working brain. Go eat a banana.

  3. pit says:

    NASA has a better one. Direct electrical production from a Low energy reaction in Nickel.

  4. Val Gorsky says:

    Rossi has a history of unfinished projects that looks good at the lab level but fail in commercializing…this man is on the border between a genius and mad scientist..

    • BK says:

      What genius has ever been completely “sane” ? How is that any basis of anything? Besides, your argument is weak just like the others. “Logical Fallacies” or “Illogical Fallacies” you guys are RIDDLED with them.

    • Brad Arnold says:

      Anything to justify your false belief that it is a scam. I suppose only an Angel can come forth with this new technology. It reminds me of the saying: tell a person something they know and they will thank you, but tell them something they don’t know and they will curse you.

  5. Brett Gasper says:

    I am a hillbilly living in the Mountains of West Virginia and don’t know a whole lot about nuclear physics. On the one hand, any confidence man will tell you that the first rule of running the scam is, “tell them what they want to hear.”

    On the other hand, there are a few snafu’s in converting nickel to copper: What about Coulomb’ barrier? Gaddow’s and Wells’ work in applied specific (possibly blacklight) frequencies suggested that energy levels can be reduced and tunneling can occur. Casarian gaps at the right angles and speeds with orbital energy reduction on one of the most densely packed nucleii could make nickel a good candidate – but this is only a knee-jerk comment and I’d have to do the research and calculations. If working with frequencies, I’d think the background noise would have to be reduced – possibly in a vaccuum. I’d love to measure electrical wattage in, water temperature and flow in and water temperature and flow out.

    I really, really hope that Rossi and Focardi have found the “holy grail” of energy (perhaps even branched out into a new form of physics) but this hope makes me even more sceptical.

  6. PEC says:

    I am just a dumb banana eating maintenance dude but I do understand that the most inaccurate way to measure AC current is with a clamp on ammeter. Most of them are about 1% accurate at full scale, and less than 10% accurate at the low end of scale. I am also lazy, so I won’t research the specs of the device used in the NyTeknik tests, but it coud easily be “off” by 10% plus a whole digit.

    This doesn’t even begin the issues with calorimetry which have been discussed ad nauseum. Then theres the lack of radiation, and Rossi’s apprehension about building a closed loop demo.

    If it’s real, he does not want in widely known until he assures he can capitalize. But if it’s real, he will certainly be an instant millionaire regardless of copycats. So he is worried about spies and losing money?

    If it’s fake he needs to keep a real test from occuring until he can secure another government or private contract and generate actual sales or some sort of residual income.

    Rossi’s actions have convinced me 90% that this is just another money making machine like the last two schemes. He now has secured a contract and has received an undisclosed sum of money from Ampenergo.

    If it’s legit, he will not retain control of it anyway, so it doesn’t make sense to deny true independent testing for something that would make him an international hero and more than wealthy…

    We can always hope, though, after all, hope is free, as long as it’s their bananas…


    • BK says:

      Yeah, someone who “poo poo’s” the banana comment, also makes claims about testing then says “i’m not interested in such testing numbers b/c blah bluh bluh” Ok smart guy. What are YOU working on? If it’s a scam, why you here commenting?

      There’s other “impossible” technologies out there. Stay stuck in your “status quo” thinking if that makes you comfortable. Obviously, if it’s a scam SO WHAT? He’ll be shunned and someone else’s idea will get a turn. Just shut up with all your “I know better than you, because I’M SKEPTICAL!” Guess what? I’m skeptical too… But I give benefit of the doubt before just slagging off everything that “may be possible” because of my own EGO. Nobody asked you what you thought, what side you’re on. You’re asking questions that likely have answers already out there… GO FIND THEM and stop wasting time with these “scams” then.

      • Brad Arnold says:

        Why are people engaged in rhetoric? Instead, just read about it and you will have to come to the inescapable conclusion that this device is delivering far too much excess energy to be a scam. It mystifies me that you can’t see that.

        Instead of grasping for the truthiness of the situation, try instead to determine the reality of the situation by looking at the scrutiny it has already received and by whom. This just goes to show that few people have a grasp of reality. Instead, they just parrot what others believe, and try to make any excuse under the sun to justify what they already believe, instead of letting new facts change their mind. Oh well, this will be resolved by October for sure.

  7. Brad Arnold says:

    Frankly, I don’t know why I’m still trying to convince you all, but try this:

    E-Cat Cold fusion device independently validated producing 800% more energy than input

    Thursday, May 19, 2011 by: Neev M. Arnell

    Learn more:

    I mean why bother researching arguably the most important discovery in the history of mankind, when you can instead spout your preconceptions that have nothing to do with reality (I mean REAL reality, not your internal model of it).

    Sorry to be nasty but it get to the point where denial becomes exasperating. I mean, duh:(

    • Fred says:

      As it says in the article you linked to:

      “If the invention proves genuine”

      Let me repeat that so you can be sure to get it:

      “If the invention proves genuine”
      “If the invention proves genuine”
      “If the invention proves genuine”

      Rossi’s device has NOT been proven to be genuine.

      NO independently controlled and measured tests have yet been made.

      NO-one has shared any eyewitness reports of a factory cranking out devices.

      No-one has confirmed the locations or even the existence of any e-cats running non-stop for months at a time.

      Maybe there are people in a position to confirm some of this, but so far all we know is what Rossi has said and what Rossi has shown and nothing more.

      Yes, we’d all love to see an unlimited supply of clean, cheap, safe, energy!

      But we simply have not seen it yet. Belief either way is pointless.

      IF IT IS GENUINE, it will be proven soon.

      If you don’t think an elaborate scam can fool a lot of people for a long time, then go Google “Keely Motor Company”

      • BK says:

        First of all, “clean, safe, and cheap energy” = wind and solar, yet, so many “smart guys” ignore that technology too, citing many “ignorances” associated with it.

        Also, “On 14 December 1881 the stockholders of the Keely Motor Company” uhh.. 1881? REALLY? You don’t think this is a different world than in 1881? LOL.

    • Fred says:

      Brad you obviously are a true believer, and disinterested rational discourse has no effect upon you.

      “Rossi said it, and that proves it” eh?

      Have a nice life.

      • Brad Arnold says:

        “clean, safe, and cheap energy” = wind and solar

        “Wind power has negligible fuel costs, but a high capital cost. The estimated average cost per unit incorporates the cost of construction of the turbine and transmission facilities, borrowed funds, return to investors (including cost of risk), estimated annual production, and other components, averaged over the projected useful life of the equipment, which may be in excess of twenty years. Energy cost estimates are highly dependent on these assumptions so published cost figures can differ substantially. A British Wind Energy Association report gives an average generation cost of onshore wind power of around 3.2 pence (between US 5 and 6 cents) per kW·h (2005).”

        “The U.S. Energy Information Administration calculates that, all-told, electricity from a Solar PV plants costs 4 times that of conventional coal.”


        To summarize, wind and solar are both more expensive than dirty coal, and more than 4 times more expensive than the energy produced by the E-Cat.

        By the way Fred says: “Brad you obviously are a true believer, and disinterested rational discourse has no effect upon you.

        “Rossi said it, and that proves it” eh?

        Have a nice life.”

        We are all going to have a good life because energy will be very cheap, clean, and super abundant.

        By the way, I evaluated the large number of experts that are intimately and passingly familiar with the E-Cat to arrive at my conclusion that it is legitimate. Frankly, I find it hard to believe that anyone, given the ample evidence, still thinks there is more than a shadow of doubt this thing is real.

        • BK says:

          Hmm, well maybe you miss the point of “sustainables/renewables” if it’s all about “money” things will NEVER change.

          Also, if you buy a “personal” windmill for you home (for around 5k you can generate around 700 kwh a month, for me, that’s half my current elec. grid usage (which uses coal and nuclear to generate power)

          Another example of people not doing the real research. If wind power is so impractical, why and how is it being used around the world already?

          Also, no pollution and waste “costs” I’m sure that didn’t factor into your “coal cost vs. everything else” example. Also, let’s compare “all of these” to nuclear and see what you come up with.

          • Brad Arnold says:

            “…if it’s all about “money” things will NEVER change.”

            You are missing the point. If it’s all about the money, then the Rossi E-Cat will change things dramatically. Less than 1 cent per kilowatt hour as opposed to any other method being more than 5 cents per kilowatt hour.

            The market will force people to switch to a clean source of energy (the E-Cat).

          • BK says:

            WTF are you talking about.. .YOURE THE ONE WHO SAID MONEY IS WHY SOLAR/WIND ISN’T BEING USED! You just ignored your own worst argument. Just go away man, I don’t think you are very good at reading.

          • Brad Arnold says:

            “WTF are you talking about.. .YOURE THE ONE WHO SAID MONEY IS WHY SOLAR/WIND ISN’T BEING USED!”

            BK, you said “…if it’s all about “money” things will NEVER change.”

            And I was simply saying that it is all about the money and things are going to change because it is all about the money.

            I can only conclude that you are having the same trouble comprehending my postings that you are properly evaluating the legitimacy of the Rossi E-Cat. Oh well, at least you are the top 50% in America who can functionally read (i.e. understand the front page of a newspaper).

  8. Aubrey Kohn says:

    A vast conspiracy would be required in order to maintain a fraud at this point. Those who think the device is a confidence scam are, at this point, conspiracy theorists of the marginal variety. Is the prime minister of Greece also part of the conspiracy? It is through his offices that the Defkalion deal was made. Focardi and Stremmenos are eminent physicists, as are Kullander, Levi, Bianchini. While it is conceivable that they can be decieved, it is unlikely in the extreme that they are conspirators. With hundreds of devices operating for thousands of hours, producing megawatts of excess power, the voices of Rossi’s detractors are becoming marginal, fringe elements.

  9. ankh says:

    If he aplied Patent
    he has to name the catalysator

    There is an argument to go open completely
    To stay alive

    What s the number of the patent ?

    this is a spicy discussion hihi
    I like to order 6 units

    • Brad Arnold says:

      “If he aplied Patent he has to name the catalysator.”

      Yes, to the Patent office. There is some dispute if there are ways to keep it hidden from the public. Bottom line is that the “secret catalyst” isn’t known publicly yet.

      “If the invention proves genuine”

      Oh Fred, there is reality, then there is your opinion of what reality is. Is there a brilliant line where it is “proven genuine?” This is another example of people being cautious and journalists maintaining the third person objective (i.e. the false equivalence).

      The guy in AZ who shot his US House of Representative will be referred to as only a suspect until he is convicted in a court of law, but you’d have to be really stupid to think that there is a possibility that he is innocent (i.e. didn’t shoot the Congresswomen.

      If you really think that given the large amount of skeptical examination there is still a likelihood that this is just a big fraud, then I question your judgement.

  10. Jim says:

    I believe Rossi has tapped into a nuclear energy source.
    I believe it is related to the Clem engine and the cavitation heater. Others have studied this using
    I suspect 6 other elements can replace the nickel.

  11. Brad Arnold says:

    New news!! NASA Chief endorses Rossi E-Cat!!!

    Cold Fusion #1 Claims NASA Chief

    A Chief NASA scientist, Dennis Bushnell has came out in support of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat technology, but denies any type of nuclear fusion is taking place, saying it is probably beta decay per the Widom Larson Theory. Repackaging the terminology to avoid embarrassment will not erase over twenty years of suppression and the reality of cold fusion!

    • Brad Arnold says:

      I hate to beat a dead horse, but this is the money shot:

      During the interview, Bushnell specifically mentioned Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) technology, and seemed very supportive of it. He reviewed the tests that have been performed and the large amount of excess heat produced. At one point he made a remark scientists across the world should notice…

      “I think we are almost over the “we do not understand it” problem. I think we are almost over the “this does not produce anything useful” problem. I think this will go forward fairly rapidly now. If it does, this is capable of, by itself, completely changing geo-economics, geo-politics, and solving climate issues.”

      Hope he is right – people have a very large capacity for denial and obfuscation.

  12. Frank Norton says:

    A funny thing happened some several billion years ago in the sea when plant (algae) life discovered photosynthesis where radient energy could be converted into a chemical form, and then transmutation of atoms of one element into atoms of a different isotope or a different element when a necessary element was not available to them for development, reproduction or survival. Yes a green plant discovered chemical cold fusion. Check out all the plants that have fruit with isotopes of atoms such as bananas with radioactive potassium 40.

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