Global Green Cities’ Symposium at San Francisco

February 18, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

A three day symposium by the Global Green Cities, which is sponsored and organized by the Bay Area Council Economic Institute, Alfred Herrhausen Society, Deutsche Bank, and Cisco TelePresence will be held at the San Francisco JW Marriott on February 23-25, 2011. The symposium — Global Green Cities of the 21st Century: Evolving Models for Sustainable Urban Design, is said to be a high-level conference among business leaders, officials, researchers, planners, and technologists.

Global Green Cities’ Symposium at San Francisco

If you are interested in this field, another symposium and series of lectures about the changing environmental policies around the world — It’s Not Easy Being Green, is going to be held on May 11-12, 2011, in Boston, Massachusetts.

Central points to be discussed on the symposium include the connection between a city’s policies and the activities of its residents, urban design, and the application of modern technologies on these cities, and the subject of sustainable metropolitan development and the progress of green cities around the world.

The symposium will be highlighting the newly integrated programs and technologies of the venue, San Francisco, California, such as wider usage of solar homes, eco-friendly house plans and building green overall, boosted by California Green Building Standards Code developed in 2010.

Bay Area Council Economic Institute president, Sean Randolph, welcomed the Global Green Cities’ symposium, as a gathering of experts, that will allow them to discuss sustainable urban growth in San Francisco.

The three-day symposium will commence with a welcome dinner and an opening message by Gavin Newsom, the lieutenant governor of California, and then followed by a whole-day plenary session. The third day will be allotted for off-site meetings and site visits.

In partnership with Cisco TelePresence, a system that provides video and audio collaboration applications, the webcast of the symposium will be streamed to reach other participants worldwide. The live “in-person” conference, will be made possible by Virtual Meetings (video conferencing software and hardware platform provided in selected hotels) by Marriott with the symposium’s organizers, Cisco Telepresence and AT&T.

The symposium is supposed to promote growth and progress within green cities globally.

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