GE Backs MPX to Double Solar Energy Production in Brazil

September 15, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

GE (NYSE: GE) and MPX, a division of EBX Group, owned by businessman Eike Batista, have agreed to double the output of MPX’s first solar power plant in Brazil.

GE Backs MPX to Double Solar Energy Production in Brazil

The announcement was deemed as an important step for both MPX and GE to help provide clean, renewable energy to the people of Brazil and marks GE’s entrance into the Brazilian solar energy market.

Currently the plant in Taua, Fortaleza, Ceara state, has 4,680 solar panels capturing sunlight and turning it into 1 megawatt (MW) of clean energy, which MPX estimates is enough to power 1,500 households in the region.

With this new expansion, GE will provide an additional 1-MW solar power plant, including the company’s thin film panels, Brilliance inverters, transformers and SunIQ monitoring and control system.

“MPX is a pioneer in solar energy in Brazil and has invested in developing solar energy for the medium and long term. Working with GE, we plan to grow our business at this plant to 50 MW,” said Eduardo Karrer, the CEO of MPX.

Today, the first MPX solar power plant in Brazil covers an area of 12,000 square meters. The project already has received a $5.8 million in investment, including approximately $695,000 from the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB).

“Today’s announcement with MPX signals our entry into the Brazilian solar industry,” said Marcelo Soares, president and CEO of GE Energy Latin America. “GE is committed to providing innovative solutions for our customers’ challenges, and we look forward to working with MPX in the solar arena.”

Approximately 360 kilometers from Fortaleza, MPX Taua is connected to Brazil’s national electrical grid through a local substation.

For the second phase, the Taua solar plant has been authorized by the National Electrical Energy Agency (ANEEL) and licensed by the Ceara state Environment Department (SEMACE) to expand its capacity up to 5 MW.

The project developed by MPX for the solar power plant is expected to reach 50 MW, and the partnership between GE and MPX is expected to continue with this future expansion.

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