Former Church Temple Turned into Luxury Hotel?

March 15, 2011 / Elizabeth Buckley, Commercial Property Analyst

The first country luxury hotel with the Hyatt brand will be built in Santa Cruz, California — if approved by the city council. Investors of the luxury hotel development are said to be currently seeking approval from the Santa Cruz city council, to build the project at the former Unity Temple church ground at 407 Broadway, near Ocean Street’s beaches and resorts.

Former Church Temple Turned into Luxury Hotel?

In New York City, another hotel developer applied for a building permit in New York’s Building Department for the development of the 34-storey downtown hotel at 237 West 54th Street — between Eighth Avenue and Broadway.

The plans currently call for the demolition of the church grounds and buildings, and then the initial construction of the four-story luxury hotel.

According to a report, the luxury hotel will be 42 feet high, and will boast a 119-space underground parking area. Amenities at the 111-room Hyatt Place Hotel will include a bar and dining area, a swimming pool, an exercise room, and about 1,650 square feet dedicated for a meeting space.

Tejal Sood from California Coastal Resorts of Los Gatos, who also represents the investors for the luxury hotel, said that it’s still tentative if the plans for the project will push-through as city planning officials found the development could potentially have a large impact on hydrology, soils, noise, and air quality in the area.

All comments or mitigated negative declaration from those who feel concern about the issues are encouraged to file it in writing by April 4, 2011. And if approved, the luxury hotel will sit between the three-story condominium and a Victorian-style home.

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