Foam Insulation Firm Seeks New Installers for Planned Expansion

May 15, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

Water blown soft foam insulation inventor Icynene is seeking to expand its business in UK and is looking for new installers.

Foam Insulation Firm Seeks New Installers for Planned Expansion

Icynene, which took part in pioneering the Green Building Movement in North America, currently is in the search of people with experience in the construction industry and a good working knowledge of insulation to set about the expansion.

Its foam insulation product, from which its name is derived, is the same insulating material used for a green home in Davidson County designed by a group of students from the Davidson County Community College (DCCC) in North Carolina as part of their “green mission”.

Icynene’s UK representative Simon Falkner-Lee confirmed that the company is looking for new installers across UK for its business in soft foam, which he considered to be the “fastest growing insulation material in the world today.”

“Suitable installers will be self employed but supported by Icynene with training, marketing and technical support.”

Icynene’s spray-in-place, soft foam insulation and air-barrier system emits no harmful materials and is 100% water-blown, expanding in itself.

The foam insulation product expands up to 100 times larger than its original volume in just a matter of seconds after being applied as a liquid to fill the holes and even the smallest cracks in the walls. Moreover, it remains flexible in the long run to keep the building intact with regards to its sealing quality as time passes by.

Among the benefits brought about by Icynene are superior thermal performance with up to 50 percent in energy savings, healthier indoor air by reducing condensation-related mould and mildew and reduced sound transmission, according to Falkner-Lee.

The energy efficiency of the product can be applied to residential, commercial, and industrial applications that involve all types of construction materials, Falkner-Lee added.

Icynene increases the tightness of air and reduces its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, even to the extent of surpassing the air tightness performance standards set out by the Code for Sustainable Homes according to Falkner-Lee.

“Icynene is also popular as it can easily insulate complicated designs and has a proven track record of solving problems of cold floors and condensation,” said Falkner-Lee.

Icynene was founded in Canada back in 1986 and now holds a BBA Certificate. Its operations range from Europe, North America to the Middle and Far East.

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