Flood of Counterfeit IPad and IPad 2 Devices Hitting the Market

November 02, 2011 / Sally Hunt, Home Devices Expert

Apple’s runaway success with the incredibly popular iPad and iPad 2 tablet PC is not just attracting massive attention from the competition and consumers alike, but is also seeing the market flooded without thousands of counterfeit products.

Flood of Counterfeit IPad and IPad 2 Devices Hitting the Market

During one single day back in July, around 18,000 clones and fakes were found to be on sale, emulating both the iPad and other popular Android devices by way of 23 online retail sites, according to key market research recently made public. Needless to say, not only are the vast majority of said items completely below par when it comes to even the most basic levels of functionality, but they may also be illegal if found to be carrying any branding related to the legitimate manufacturer they are emulating.

Needless to say, the problem is only expected to increase many times over as the Christmas holiday period approaches, which holds to the very real potential to see Apple’s official sales impacted as thousands take hold of what they believe to be an original, though is of course anything but.

Of course, it is not entirely difficult to recreate a tablet PC or other device simply by way of aesthetics alone, but it should be plainly obvious to anyone affording  the matter even the slightest degree of thought which items are legitimate and which to the contrary. The reverence of the iPad and devices of a similar nature is such that bargains are incredibly rare to say the least, therefore all potential buyers are once again being urged to opt for only authorized sellers and re-sellers, rather than taking the risk on what could prove to be an expensive paperweight.

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