Construction Deaths Lead to Stronger Personal Injury Compensation in UK

March 02, 2011 / Elizabeth Buckley, Commercial Property Analyst

The Health Service Executive or HSE has recently tighten up on how construction sites provide safety measures, and personal injury compensation for its construction workers, as the recent report shows that death rates and injury are still high in United Kingdom’s construction industry. In 2010, there were about five less deaths and 171 less injuries compared to 2009 — in the south west.

Construction Deaths Lead to Stronger Personal Injury Compensation in UK

On other side of the Atlantic, in New York City, several construction accidents were also recorded at the Department of Buildings including a recent 15 complaints against a construction site at Upper West Side, and the recent two fatalities. The department halted the activities in the site, while citing pending investigation for the workers personal injury compensation.

According to a recent report, HSE’s efforts for the worker’s personal injury compensation can help save lives and reduce the number of injuries, which is supported by the dropped in construction related accidents and fatalities from 2008 to 2010.

This year would be HSE’s fifth year in carrying out the initiative for construction worker’s personal injury compensation, but the need for further inspections in construction sites because the numbers of seriously injured workers in 2009/2010 were still 2,304, plus 17 fatalities in the South West.

According to the HSE, the inspection initiative in the area last year resulted in 31 improvement notices served for the 58 site visits. HSE’s record stated that majority of the fatalities happened during maintenance and repair, activities, and renovations.

Michael Jefferies at First Personal Injury, an accident firm for personal injury compensation, fully supports HSE and its initiative due to high claims from construction related injuries.

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