Company Pioneers Energy Efficient Homes

February 01, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

Across United States people are betting on the “green” side as numerous residential developers expand their business by building energy efficient homes. Meritage Homes, an American real-estate development company that constructs single-family homes, will be expanding its energy efficient homes in San Antonio and Dallas- Fort Worth, Texas residential real estate market.

Company Pioneers Energy Efficient Homes

The company’s newly constructed energy efficient homes, according to company information, could revolutionary save about 60 percent on electric bills.

Plus, the new energy efficient homes are said to be 2 to 3 times for sustainable and efficient compared to the average ENERGY STAR® homes.

Every new home Meritage constructed integrated several energy saving features including 14-SEER Air Conditioning Unit— can lessen cooling costs by 40 percent, high- end water saving fixtures— which includes dual-flush toilets that can reduce about 50 percent of heating costs and water bills.

Other energy features integrated in every energy efficient homes includes CFL Lighting— very efficient and reduces lighting consumption by 75 percent, and Vinyl Windows and Spray Foam Insulation— which reduce energy loss up to 50 percent and prevents air leakage plus providing fiberglass insulation.

Meritage Homes President and CEO, Steve Hilton said the company is one of the top- 10 home builders in Texas that offers high performance green homes with no extra costs for home owners and buyers.

Hilton also said the company’s objective is to become a pioneer is building a new standard in constructing family communities.

The two communities where the company’s energy efficient homes are constructed— in Fort Worth, the Lakes of River Trails and Rolling Creek in San Antonio.

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