Clean and Green Building Codes, Approved in Forth Collins

March 03, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

The City of Forth Collins is now getting on the “green side” as the city council gave the initial approval for its new green building codes. The amendments to the city’s existing building codes is for the reduction of energy and water consumption in the city, as well as for the reduction of the total carbon emissions produced by the city, said the energy services manager at Forth Collins Utilities, John Phelan.

Clean and Green Building Codes, Approved in Forth Collins

In other state, California has also recently integrated green initiatives and amended its existing building codes to further promote sustainability and save the environment. California’s “CALGREEN”

The changes on the city’s green building codes are also to begin integrating green initiatives that would benefit the environment in general.

Home builders will be having about 1 to 2 percent increase in construction cost for new home construction, while commercial builders will have 1 to 4 percent increase for the building’s construction cost for following the newly amended building codes — according to city officials.

But, the city official also said the new building codes will likely to get 3 to 7 percent annual savings for a home’s utility bills, while commercial buildings can anticipate about 13 to 25 percent savings on utility bills, annually.

Commercial and residential properties can also expect up to 10 percent reduction on their water and electricity consumption, as well as lesser carbon dioxide emissions, annually.

The new building codes and green standard will take effect in January next year — but those connected to heating properties with electricity are effective immediately.

Required standard for the building codes include recycling constructing material, and low-flow plumbing (faucets, showers, etc) with EPA standards.

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