Cement Company Rolls Out ‘Green’ Product

April 27, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

Virginia-based CERATECH, Inc.has launched its ‘green’ product that can survive harsh chemical environments in petrochemical, industrial, and heavy commercial infrastructures.

Cement Company Rolls Out ‘Green’ Product

The cement company widely released KEMROK, a non-portland construction cement system that can produce concrete with faster set-times, greater durability, far greater corrosion resistance, and a lower installed cost than any other product of its type.

The product was released amid report released by the Portland Cement Association (PCA) predicting an impediment in the consumption of cement products for the next two years due to construction recession.

PCA expects that in 2011, the increase in cement consumption will marginally grow by 2%. In 2012, the consumption will accordingly increase to 8.5% and 18.5% the following year when the construction industry is expected to gain strength again.

KEMROK uses the company’s trademark of ‘green’ product applied in all of its concrete brands, thus its higher rating on sustainability scales from the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED rating system.

The cement system is made of 5% renewable materials and 95% recycled coal ash in a carbon-free process, unlike the typical portland cement that produces one ton of carbon dioxide per ton of cement.

KEMROK enables greater savings in materials, labor, and production downtime since the concrete produced cures at a faster speed than does a conventional portland cement. Subsequently, it reduces disruption in the facility.

Additionally, the green product is cost-effective with an added value that is said to outdo traditional materials.
It is available both in bulk cement and packaged concrete repair mix.

“There is tremendous interest in the KEMROK solution. We are able to offer a more cost effective product with distinct environmental advantages,” said Jon Hyman, chief executive of CERATECH.

Last month, Alpha Natural Resources, considered to be the third-largest coal producer in the U.S. with sales exceeding 90 million tons every year, has invested in CERATECH.

The cement company is founded in 2001 with executive offices in Alexandria, Virginia and a research and development center in Baltimore, Maryland.

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