Building Facility Receives LEED Platinum Certificate

December 02, 2010 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

The building facility, Johnson Controls head office has a prominent characteristic as the biggest concentration of building structures within one campus to obtain a LEED Platinum Certification. This sustainability achievement is made all the more remarkable because the building facility was not a new structure, but to a certain extent, a restoration of an existing 44-year old structural design.

Building Facility Receives LEED Platinum Certificate

Employees of the building facility have an individual control over the building’s lighting, ambient noise level, and temperature. The building’s square footage has doubled but the use of energy is down by 21 percent.

The newly renovated building facility’s water consumption reduced by more or less 500,000 gallons per year, while the greenhouse gas emission is significantly reduced by more or less 8 million points of carbon dioxide per year.

The latest LEED or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Platinum standards will include and feature the following sustainable technology and design in the building facility:

  • Renewable solar energy that will produce hot water and electricity
  • Geothermal cooling and heating system
  • A lighting system that will automatically adjust to make use of the natural light and significantly reduced artificial light usage
  • A window shades that has an automatic system that will adjust the heat and glare while making sure there is a sustainable daylight
  • Limiting energy consumption strategies that will help reduce green house and carbon dioxide emissions

According to Ward Komorowski, director of the Johnson Controls’ Glendale headquarters, the campus is a testament to the company’s goal to create a comfortable and safe environment.

The building facility can promote energy sustainability and efficiency, which can benefits communities and businesses worldwide.

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