Botanical Garden’s Education Center Receives Highest LEED Award

January 14, 2011 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

The UNC or University of North Carolina’s education center receives the highest LEED certification given by USGBC for its recently built education center. The North Carolina Botanical Garden’s Education Center is a part of UNC at Chapel Hill, a town in Orange County, receives LEED Platinum certification, the highest LEED certification for green buildings.

Botanical Garden’s Education Center Receives Highest LEED Award

North Carolina Botanical Garden’s Education Center is not only UNC’s first building with LEED Platinum, but also the first state-owned building to receive such certification.

LEED or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design 2009 has four rating systems: Certified- 40 – 49 points, Silver- 50 – 59 points, Gold- 60 – 79 points, and Platinum- 80 points and above.

LEED points are given respectively across five major categories, including Indoor Environmental Quality, Materials and Resources, Energy and Atmosphere, Water Efficiency, and Sustainable Sites of a building.

UNC’s education center is owned by the state of North Carolina, it was built with the help of some private funding that covered its $12 million construction cost.

According to Peter White, North Carolina Botanical Garden’s director, the education center is a gift to the people and the state of North Carolina.

An exhibit & banquet hall, an auditorium, seminar and conference rooms, a “Green Gardener” reference library are found inside the education center, plus, an information desk, four class rooms, and an illustration and botanical gallery.

The center mainly consists of three main sectors that are connected by roofed breezeways.

Dedicated in 2009, the construction of the education center was announced nine years ago.

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