As Versace Dresses Are Expensive, So Are Its' Homes

June 18, 2012 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

Realtors have listed a Versace market mansion for $125 million. The Pollack full-service, ultra deluxe Real estate service is exclusively for very expensive homes. Owner, Chris Pollack provides all services for the owner who is offering the property for sale. He recommends specialty artisans, craftsmen, interior decorators, architects and builders. His firm operates on a world-wide basis. Project locations include Los Angeles, New York, London and the Caribbean, for some examples.

As Versace Dresses Are Expensive, So Are Its' Homes

This time, when a recovery in luxury residences is in the works, is perfect for planning to build or rehabilitate a high-end home. Land values will soon be steady and developers are willing to negotiate prices. Pollack’s clients cover a wide range such as exclusive resorts and deluxe commercial office buildings. His firm has more than twelve years of experience in offering and pricing these properties for the ultra-rich.

Pollack is serving those who own properties costing $5 million or more. He advises them on every phase of renovations, or new building. He saves them time as well as about 15 percent in cost. He produces solutions to whatever problem is encountered.

Each project can take between 18 and 24 months, not including a possible eight months of preparation before the first shovelful of dirt is dug.

This boutique firm advises and manages everything from major decisions to the tiniest details. They act as the owner’s personal representative in all matters. They understand each executive project and every phase of the process. They know how much supplies should cost and how long each phase should take. By foreseeing problems and avoiding them, he can save millions for his clients. By doing so, he frees up the CEO or president of a business to continue conducting business and, in the world of big business, time is money. The company finished 50 projects around the world to each owner’s complete satisfaction.

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