Amazon Kindle Fire Preorders Top 250,000 in 5 Days

October 05, 2011 / Sally Hunt, Home Devices Expert

According to the latest industry reports, Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) has already sold over 250,000 units of the new Kindle Fire in only five days since its official launch. This averages out at no less than 50,000 units per day, which is a truly staggering achievement in the tablet PC marketplace.

Amazon Kindle Fire Preorders Top 250,000 in 5 Days

The report in question claims that the Kindle Fire sold 95,000 units by way of preorder on the first day of release, which has led to the device holding the top spot on the best selling products list of the site ever since then.

The new Kindle Fire, which is to be shipped beginning November 15th, features a full color 7 inch touchscreen, dual-core processor, Wi-Fi functionality, 8GB of onboard memory and a battery life of up to 8 hours – all for a price of $199.

Following the result of the Fire, Amazon is set to reveal the new range of standard Kindle e-readers, which will see price reductions to as low as $75.

As such, the stage appears to be well and truly set for the biggest tablet PC showdown in history, as the Kindle Fire goes head to head with the iPad 2.  Apple’s offering currently dominates the marketplace with little by way of competition, having sold no less than 9.25 million units during the third quarter of 2011 alone.

Demand for android tablets has been fickle and unstable to say the very least, with countless examples having already been confined to history after not measuring up to the high bar set by Apple.

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